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Virtual Global Cooperative (VGC) is a community of vibrant entrepreneurs who have passion for business and also desire financial freedom. members of this community have the opportunity to take loans, invest in cryptocurrency and also advertise their business through our affiliate marketing program.

VGC generates revenue through interest from loans given to the members of the community, trades generated from the crypto market and also from adverts placed on the platform.

VGC Subsidiary offers each member the opportunity to obtain stable profits through investments in crypto currency, crypto currency loans with a viable crypto collateral as well as avenue to market other businesses by placing an advert and allowing the VGC site generate the needed traffic. We are one of the few companies that offers this opportunity to make money in the crypto currency market and also get loans without losing your crypto asset.

We are committed to providing best Investment Service
Show your business to the world through our robust advertising program
Get fast loans for house rents, buy cars, furniture, Education, businesses etc

Years Of Experience

The world is in a fast transition of how the world of finance should be witnessed, felt and processed. VGC is your vehicle to the future of finance.